NJ Transit Bridge Nearing Completion

The footbridge connecting Jersey City’s waterfront with Hoboken is nearly complete. The bridge will create an important link in the waterfront walkway and connect the Newport development in Jersey City directly to the Hoboken Terminal. The project was long talked about and much delayed by the transit agency. A small, unused canal separates Jersey City […]

Newport Residents Fight Over Naming Rights

The long standing battle between Sonia Maldonado and Robert Vivien over the use of the name Newport Neighborhood Association continues, reports the Journal. Maldonado, the caustic personality behind NewportVoice.com, and Vivien, a local eccentric, have been fighting for over a year in what can best be described as a petty argument over the use of […]

Frozen Puddle Re-Opens in Newport

The sad little skating rink in Newport opens for the season today. The miniature rink was intended to attract non-Newport residents to the retail stores at the north end of the development, overlooking the fact that customers probably want interesting retail options, not a skating rink. Skating at Newport will set you back a $5 […]

Aqua Tower to Double Retail

Newport’s Aqua tower which recently started getting its exterior cladding is set to amend its final design phase, according to the Jersey Journal. The tower was originally planned as having 16,000 square feet of retail but is bumping that to 34,610 feet. The total residential unit count is going from 358 to 355. The Aqua […]

Aqua Tower Getting Skin

Newport’s Aqua Tower is finally getting a glass and concrete skin. The tower’s shell was topped off months ago, yet little progress was made on the exterior. The base of the tower will be the east side of the Newport River Market, a marketing moniker created by the Lefraks with the hope of bringing more […]

Summer Retail Thriving Downtown

NewportMorton Williams opened yesterday in the base of the Shore Club in Newport. The high end grocery store is responsible for Newport rescinding the summer farmer’s market at the Pavonia PATH station. The waterfront location is the first in New Jersey for the New York chain of premium grocers. Kim’s Video in Newport is rumored […]

Newport Aqua Tower

The Aqua tower under construction now will soon be the newest rental tower in the Newport section of Jersey City. Seen here from the Hoboken Terminal, the tower rises in front of two condominium towers. The base of the building will contain retail and form a “river market.”

New Abatement Scheme Could Breath Life into Monaco Towers

Back in January, Roseland properties wanted to alter the terms of their 2006 abatement, from a 20 year program to 10. The developer was having trouble securing financing for the project even though they essentially broke ground last May. The council rejected the changes in January. The 47 story project includes about 520 rental apartments; […]

Westin Hotel to Have Steakhouse

The currently under construction Westin Hotel will be home to a “signature steakhouse” according to Starwood Hotels website. The hotel is set to open November 1, and is currently considering group reservations only. UPDATE The steakhouse planned for the Westin Hotel will be South City Prime, a new division of South City Grill. South City […]

Bits & Briefs

Renting Beats Buying (Or Not)The Times wants you to buy an apartment because its super cheap. Cops Smell Leak Diesel leaks from a tank at the Marina in Newport.

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