Cinco de Mayo Celebration Tonight

Cinco de mayo in Jersey City

Tonight is Jersey City’s Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Sensory Kids Childcare Megaplex Replaces Store

The former Milano Furniture store is becoming a Sensory Kids, a childcare facility

The former Milano Furniture store on Newark Avenue and Erie Street is set to become the home of Sensory Kids, an all encompassing childcare facility.

Hudson Camera Becoming Sports Bar

Hudson Camera on Newark Avenue has closed

The former Hudson Camera shop that closed last month is rapidly being renovated to become a sports bar.

Two Boots Gets Garish Paint

Two Boots in Jersey City on Newark Avenue

The new Newark Avenue pizzeria, Two Boots, has received the standard Two Boots paint scheme, the whimsically childish rainbow of color.

Stylish Pizza Bar Coming to Monaco Towers

VB3, a “sleek, modern” pizza bar is coming to Sixth Street in the base of the Monaco Towers.

Cast Iron Lofts Push Redevelopment North

The 20 story Cast Iron Lofts on the north end of Jersey City has rapidly transformed the skyline in a once vacant section of the downtown.

New Restaurant Set to Open this Month in Newport

Skylark on the Hudson, a new restaurant in Newport, intends to open by April 19.

The Big Laguna

Newport’s Laguna is a proper high rise tower now, rising to what appears to be its full 17 stories.

Old Manischewitz Factory Prepped For New Towers

Just in time for Passover, Jersey City’s former matzo baking Manischewitz factory is finally meeting the demolition man.

Marbella II Coming Soon?

Marbella Tower 2 Jersey City

A while back on Roseland Property’s website, a listing for “Marbella II” appeared under the coming soon section.

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