Park Renovation Slaying Trees

Renovations have begun at Hamilton Park, just in time to close it for summer. Construction crews have slashed a half dozen large trees with 18 inch diameters, casualties of low bid contracts. The renovated park will include an expanded playground, two dog runs, and renovated ball courts. In addition, the historic pathways will be reinstalled […]

Connected Waterfront Park Plan Revealed

The dream of a single contiguous waterfront walkway is a little closer to fulfillment with an ambitious plan to connect Veteran’s Park and the Morris Canal Park over the Morris Canal. The plan bi-passes a small stretch of land where developers did not construct the waterfront park. Veteran’s Park, pictured above, is home to the […]

Automata Chino Provides Music Venue

Automata Chino is a new music venue attached to the Iron Monkey in Paulus Hook. They seem to have a very full schedule of bands. They have a limited food menu, snacks mostly, and a more or less full bar. Hipsters will appreciate the Pabst Blue Ribbon.

ZogSports Starting Jersey City Leagues

ZogSorts, the adult for fun sports, is starting a few Jersey City leagues this spring. The registration deadline is on the 13th. Zog crossed the Hudson to Hoboken a little while back. There was a Jersey City indoor soccer league this past winter, but that was mostly because the facilities were in the downtown. This […]

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