225 Grand Street to Start Leasing Next Month

The 348 unit building on the corner of Grand Street and Marin Blvd should begin leasing in April. Applied Development is building the tower and has plans for a second, 500 unit residential building also on Marin Blvd. The second tower is planned for property opposite the light rail station, on the other side of […]

255 Grand Street

The tallest part of the building from the corner of Grand and Marin The western end of the building Brick and glass along Grand Street From Grove Street, the tower rises over brownstones

255 Grand Street

An overview of the project from Grand Street looking south towards Gulls Cove The western side of the building. The low rise section of the building along Grand Street The meeting of the low rise segment and the taller section of the tower. The corner of Marin and Grand Windows are being installed at the […]

225 Grand Street Bricked

The first of bit of facade is going up on this Grand Street rental tower; the Marin Boulevard side of the tower is getting covered with goldenrod bricking. So far it seems the tower will have a set back on the Grand Street elevation. Gulls Cove looms behind the new tower as the construction crane […]

April Showers Bring Grand Street Tower

The Grand Street Tower should have reached its full height. The center of the structure is still empty, but will likely be filled in as construction continues. The South side of the tower, with a street shared with Gulls CoveFrom Liberty Harbor North with Gulls Cove on the RightThe tower looking east from Bright Street […]

255 Grand Street

255 Grand Street continues to rise at a rapid rate. The New York Times mentions that the tower will top out at 15 stories.

255 Grand Street

Below, the south side of the tower, with Gulls Cove behind the photographer. Looking North towards the rest of the city: The center of the building, from Grand Street:

255 Grand Street

The new tower rising on the corner of Grand Street and Marin Blvd, just north of Gull’s Cove has made some remarkable progress, adding two floors and extending the base around the property. The most remarkable thing about this building is how it illustrates the height variation along Marin Blvd. The foundation wall rises dramatically […]

255 Grand Street

On the corner of Grand and Marin, the first level of a multistory tower is underway. The project consists of 347 units. Grand Street was lined with trees last year, but they have all been cut down.

Grand Street and Marin Blvd Tower

The lot at the corner of Grand Street and Marin Blvd continues to be excavated in preparation for a residential tower. The project reportedly will have three set backs of roughly 12, 8, and 5 stories each and include 347 housing units, 6,740 square feet of retail and 253 parking spaces. Most of the construction […]

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