Oompa Loompa Rumors

Jersey City Wine and Spirits on Jersey Avenue had a hand written note emphatically declaring, “No Snookie.” Picky your sides, local businesses. Abbey’s Pub and Marco and Pepe have supposedly granted permission to film, though we’ve also heard the opposite about M&P. Rumors have it that Snookie and Jwoww will hold jobs at neighborhood bar […]

Firehouse Architecture Classier Than Jersey Shore Cast

Snookie and Jwoww will be residing in this former firehouse in downtown Jersey City for the filming of a Jersey Shore spin off

The world’s most famous Oompa Loompa and her scraggily sidekick, Bowwow, were granted filming permits for their Jersey Shore spinoff yesterday. While Hoboken turned down MTV and the promise of yet another tourist inducing reality series, Mayor Healy was all too eager, even offering to go drinking with the girls (we suspect he could drink them under the table).

Mac2: Return of the Cheese on Sunday

The second annual Mac & Cheese Bake-Off is on Sunday September 26th. The event, hosted by 4th Street Arts, will feature a contest for best professional and best individual Macaroni and Cheese. Mac2 will be held at 190 Columbus Drive, between 2pm and 6pm, with judging commencing at 4:30. A $5 admission fee will get […]

Artists’ Studio Tour October 2nd & 3rd

The annual weekend Artist Studio Tour in Jersey City is next weekend. This is a great opportunity to check out local artists and their work. And more importantly, a great opportunity to peak into all sorts of living spaces since many of the artists work out of their homes. The kick off party is on […]

Valentine’s Day Comes to Lucky 7 / NBC’s Mercy

Yesterday. the cast of NBC’s Mercy were again busy filming on the streets of Jersey City. Abbey’s Pub was dressed up as a restaurant for the shoot, while the characters’ favorite hang out, Lucky 7, was done up for Valentine’s Day: It would seem also that Valentine’s Day is going to be a bloody one. […]

Artist Studio Tour This Weekend

This weekend, local Jersey Artists will open up their homes and galleries to the public to show off their artwork and their studios. The event kicks off Friday night at Grace Church on Erie Street. Then on Saturday and Sunday, between noon and 6pm, galleries and studios are opened to the public throughout the city. […]

As Seen on TV: Mercy, Episode 2 Locations

Enos Jones Park plays host to the softball team. Just like in the real Jersey City, everyone is drunk while playing softball. The rear of PS 5 pretends to be the exterior of Mercy Hospital.

Lucky 7, Basic Cafe Star in NBC Drama

Tonight is the premiere of NBC’s Mercy, a hospital drama set in a fictional Jersey City hospital. Although the hospital interiors of the show are shot in a vacant Paterson hospital, many scenes from the pilot have been shot in and around downtown Jersey City. The drama focuses on three nurses. The show opens with […]

Fireworks, and more Fireworks

Tonight there will be two major fireworks displays in the area. Macy’s is shooting off fireworks in the Hudson this year, and not the East River. Jersey City is again shooting of fireworks from Liberty State Park. The Macy’s Fireworks go off at 9pm, and the best viewing areas will be from Hoboken and North. […]

Park Renovation Slaying Trees

Renovations have begun at Hamilton Park, just in time to close it for summer. Construction crews have slashed a half dozen large trees with 18 inch diameters, casualties of low bid contracts. The renovated park will include an expanded playground, two dog runs, and renovated ball courts. In addition, the historic pathways will be reinstalled […]

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