Tasti D-Lite Really Coming

Tasti D-Lite really is coming to the base of Grove Pointe. The storefront on Marin Blvd will join Duane Reade, Starbucks, Valley National Bank, and an organic dry cleaners. Three other retail locations are still available. For now, the northeast corner space houses three art pieces constructed of Lego bricks.

Tasti D-Lite Coming to Grove Pointe

Tasti D-Lite, the faux ice cream chain is coming to Jersey City in the base of the Grove Pointe tower. Grove Pointe is a little outpost of Manhattan with both a Starbucks and Duane Reade. Via JCList

Mystery Marin Blvd Tower

The architects DeWitt Tishman reveal an image of mysterious Marin Blvd Tower. The 28 story, 220 unit tower with 3,600 square feet of retail is probably too short to be one of the proposed Toll Brothers Towers. Toll wants to build 30, 35, and 40 story towers on property abutting Marin Blvd in the Powerhouse […]

Grove Street Bicycles Construction Watch

The store front for the future Grove Street Bicycles is currently under construction, wrapped up in a plywood shell while work crews prepare the site. How soon the new shop will open is ambiguous.

Bike Shop Coming to Grove Street

A vacant store front on Grove Street near First has a construction permit issued to Grove Bicycle.

Grove Street Eating

The Asian fusion restaurant set to open in the old location of Rachel cafe on Grove Street is set to open on August 4. The signs refer to the restaurant as “More,” but we find it hard to believe anyone would call a restaurant “More.” A new ‘gourmet’ deli has opened on Grove Street, replacing […]

American Watercolor Movement Grooves on Grove

Groove on Grove Street continued with indie rock band American Watercolor Movement. Wednesday proved another gorgeous day for an outdoor concert and local crowds seem to be growing. Grove Street may not be Mccarren Pool, but the concerts in Jersey City may be just a bit more genuine.

Groove at Grove: 1 & 9’s

Wednesday’s Groove on Grove, the concert series held outside the Grove Street PATH station featured Well Baby and the 1 & 9’s. Above, the 1&9s play a set. The 1&9’s MySpace page

Summer Retail Thriving Downtown

NewportMorton Williams opened yesterday in the base of the Shore Club in Newport. The high end grocery store is responsible for Newport rescinding the summer farmer’s market at the Pavonia PATH station. The waterfront location is the first in New Jersey for the New York chain of premium grocers. Kim’s Video in Newport is rumored […]

Grove Street Development Needs Zoning Change

South Grove, a proposed development spanning Grove Street between York and Montgomery Streets, apparently needs a zoning change. Curbed notes their rather interesting marketing tactic. A sign has gone up asking what residents would prefer on the site, including such horrendous options as a drive through taco bell. The proposal, originally known as Majestic II, […]

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