Edible Arrangements Opens

Edible Arrangements, the fruit cut like flowers, is the first retail shop to open in Liberty Harbor North. Earlier this summer the banner announcing the arrival of the shop went up. Still, the real question yet to be answered is how many fruit flower bouquets does the world need?

Liberty Harbor Slammed By City, Courts

The Liberty Harbor North development has been having a rough week. The city is demanding payment of $100,000 in unpaid fees for the operation of a parking lot, a judge awarded $18 million to a property for land seized through eminent domain, and the city is fining the developer for an illegal billboard. Liberty Harbor […]

Pile Driver Appears on Grand Street Lot

A pile driver showed up this week on the lot immediately north of Gulls Cove on a lot in the Liberty Harbor North development zone bound by Grand Street and Marin blvd. Several piles have been driven into the ground, though these might be test pilings rather than a sign construction has started. The lot, […]

Liberty Harbor North

A few more photos of the new (and temporarily, last) Liberty Harbor North Building. New construction beyond the completion of this building is on hold for at least a year on the site.

Liberty Harbor North Continues, Slowly

Progress at the massive Liberty Harbor North project continues at a snail’s pace. Rumors are circulating that only the existing construction will continue, and new buildings will not break ground for at least a year. This news may disappoint many hoping for a downtown Whole Foods since an Liberty Harbor was often mentioned as a […]

Liberty Harbor Retail Unwrapped

The tarp has been removed from the first of the Grand Street retail spaces in Liberty Harbor North. Edible Arrangements seems to be looking to be the first store to open in the complex. The retail spaces in the “brownstone” style buildings are set slightly below street level.

Cocoa Bakery Cafe Coming to Liberty Harbor

Liberty Harbor North will be home to a new cafe and bakery by Nobu’s pastry chef Jessica Isaacs. Cocoa Bakery Cafe will open by the year’s end at the latest, though likely sooner. The cafe will feature pastries, cakes and desserts, as well as offering custom made wedding cakes. Cocoa Bakery Cafe joins Edible Arrangements […]

Downturn Leads Trump to Modify Plans

An NJN report on the Hudson Bergen Light rail mentions in passing that Donald Trump has “modified” development plans due to the downturn in housing. Likely this means delaying the second tower, which seemed fairly self evident. Peter Mocco, developer of Liberty Harbor North, appeared in the NJN segment, though dodged the question as to […]

Edible Arrangements Coming to Liberty Harbor North

Edible Arrangements, the flower bundles made from carved fruit, is coming to Liberty Harbor North’s Grand Street retail strip. Residents have been living in Liberty Harbor North for several months already, but retail so far is still in development. Along Grand Street, the base of the ‘brownstone’ units contain retail spaces that are finally now […]

Liberty Harbor North Tower 3

The third large size tower at Liberty Harbor North continues steadily upward. Two other mid rise buildings are nearly complete, the Sutton and the Lofts, while many of the low rise buildings such as the faux brownstones are already occupied. This building will continue to extend the development further south.

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