Epitaph for the Powerhouse Arts District

The folks over at UnderDevelopment.tv compiled video footage relating to the rise and fall of the Powerhouse Arts District, including clips from the council meeting creating the district and the meeting that effectively eliminated it.

Powerhouses Are Awesome Says NYTimes

Jersey Cityzens may like to think of the powerhouse as the powerhouse, but as the NY Times reports, other nearby powerhouses can be just as cool. Most importantly though, Jersey City’s powerhouse, long awaiting a debut into polite society is finally starting to move forward with renovations. The four year process relocating the PATH substation […]

110 First Street Renderings Surface

110 First Street made a sudden appearance last month with pre-construction and a rushed approval from the planning board. The Jersey City reporter has a rendering online of the proposed tower. The building includes a tall “L” shaped tower to the west of the lot along Warren Street and a midrise portion along the park […]

Bits & Briefs

Winds Rip RoofHudson Now reports high winds blew off the roof of a warehouse in the powerhouse district. Art Developers, Now Hear ThisThe Times cries about how much it sucks to be a unsuccessful hip artist priced out of a neighborhood that was gentrified by artists.

Athena Tower Officially Opens

Multi-Housing News reports that the Athena Groups condominium tower, A, has officially opened. The 250 unit, 33 story tower on Washington Boulevard sits on the edge of the Powerhouse Arts District. The 10,500 square feet of retail space is not yet occupied, and the public park, west of the tower and mandated by the city, […]

35 Story Rental Tower Approved for 110 First

Wired Forum member KLJC has an excellent write up concerning the approved 110 First Street. The site of a former warehouse was restricted in total height, units, and floor area in a settlement agreement between the city and New Gold Equities, the developer responsible for demolishing buildings at 110 and 111 First Street. The development […]

110 First Street Seeking Approvals

Rumors have been circulating on the internet that the vacant lot at 110 First Street, just west of the recently completed Athena ‘A’ Tower, was being prepped for construction. It seems the development is going before the planning board (PDF) seeking 452 units, 343 parkings spaces, and nearly 14,000 square feet of retail. In July […]

Waldo Lofts Nearly Sold Out… Just In Time

Field’s Development has

Planning Board Eviscerates Arts District

The long fight over the Toll Brother’s planned towers for the former Powerhouse Arts District essentially came to an end at last night’s planning board meeting with the board voting 8 to 0 in favor of approving Toll Brothers new vision reports the Jersey Journal. The plan includes building towers of 40, 35 and 30 […]

Toll Brothers Powerhouse Arts District Plan Approved

Hudson Now is reporting that the Toll Brothers three tower plan was approved at this evenings meeting, recasting the Powerhouse Arts District as a high rise luxury community and allowing redevelopment to finally move forward. The tallest building will stand 40 stories. As a concession, Toll Brothers will build a 500 seat theater.

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