New Embankment Plan Promises Compromise, 1,000 Units

Long a rallying cry for preservationists in the downtown, the Sixth Street Embankment has been the focus of a legal fight since developer Steve Hyman set his eye on the site. Advocates looking to save historic Jersey City have been fighting to preserve the structure and convert it to a park; others want the structure […]

Globe St. Confuses "Breaking Ground" with "Almost Finished"

Last week, reported work was set to begin on the Schroeder Lofts, a six story, 58 unit building on Tenth and Erie. Schroeder Lofts however is nearly complete. Only the retail space on the eastern corner of the building is yet to be finished; this space is to be The Embankment bar and lounge, […]

The Embankment Comes to Schroeder Lofts

Tenth Street condominium building Schroeder Lofts is pretty much completed except for a small retail space on the corner of Erie. It seems this space will soon be The Embankment bar, lounge and restaurant. The Embankment will likely be similar to The Merchant, a Grove Street bar and restaurant by the same folks. The Embankment […]

Hamilton Square Going to the Dogs

Over the weekend, at least one, but possibly two dogs were seen hanging around the Hamilton Square Development. The mutts were likely left left there purposely by developer Exeter Property to thwart thieving. However, we’re left wondering how responsible this is with Saturday’s high temperature reaching 89 degrees and a children’s playground just a few […]

Hamilton Park Renovation Might Finally Be Real

Hamilton Park’s long overdue renovation may finally move forward after a vote on June 9th. The finalized plans are viewable online. Voting is to take place from 11AM to 5PM in Hamilton Park on June 9 during the park festival. Coincidentally, there is a park festival on June 9th that includes music and food.

Community Garden Sabotaged By Activist

After seven years of planting flowers and vegetables in the downtown of Jersey City, the Brunswick Street Community Garden may be coming to a bitter end. In identical posts on JCList and Wired JC, community activist Janet Allen is accused of spitefully terminating the garden group’s lease for the plot of land. The city, believing […]

Thousands Flock to Hamilton Park as Ball Ban Lifted

Lovers of croquet, jarts, and whiffle ball can rejoice as it seems the previous ban on ball playing and other flying objects in Hamilton Park has been lifted. Whether this is an official act, or the result of vigilante members of the community, we can’t be certain. But the signs have been removed: In February, […]

Hamilton Park Renovation Meeting

With Hamilton Park’s long overdue renovation finally becoming a reality, final decisions about layout and design are becoming increasingly contentious. YouTuber lifefood has posted videos of the most recent meeting (and other important civic meetings). Take a look if you missed the in person event, and even if you didn’t, watch the crowd give a […]

Hamilton Park Plans

Hamilton Park has been waiting for a renovation for almost three decades. After a round of surveys conducted last year to identify the community’s desired amenities, three plans have been presented for the new layout of park. Ever watchful Councilman Steven Fulop has the three possible plans available on his website. The three designs will […]

Bits & Briefs

Yellow Cabs Turning GreenAt this year’s New York International Automobile Show, the iconic yellow cab will be getting a green makeover. Showcased at the event will be a number of potential variants for the next generation taxi with emphasis on alternative fuels. Hamilton Park’s makeover: More active or passive?Hamilton Park will soon have a long […]

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