New Embankment Plan Promises Compromise, 1,000 Units

Long a rallying cry for preservationists in the downtown, the Sixth Street Embankment has been the focus of a legal fight since developer Steve Hyman set his eye on the site. Advocates looking to save historic Jersey City have been fighting to preserve the structure and convert it to a park; others want the structure […]

Community Garden Sabotaged By Activist

After seven years of planting flowers and vegetables in the downtown of Jersey City, the Brunswick Street Community Garden may be coming to a bitter end. In identical posts on JCList and Wired JC, community activist Janet Allen is accused of spitefully terminating the garden group’s lease for the plot of land. The city, believing […]

From the Blogosphere

Tris McCall has moved to the lovely Harsimus Cove area and is back to posting. And as if to answer Tris’s question as to where all the Jersey City bloggers are, we came across Jersey City Baby, a blog by and about a Jersey Cityean. The NEW Blog came across a little bit of an […]

8 Towers, Park, Retail Planned for Metro Plaza

The architectural firm Arquitectonica has posted new renderings of the Metropolitan, the 67 story tower planned for the northeast corner of the Metro Plaza shopping center where Pep Boys is now. Included with the renderings on the architect’s website is a short description: “A total of eight residential buildings are planned, which surround a newly […]

Fulop Calls Bullshit On Lipski’s Embankment Maneuver

The Sixth Street Embankment controversy continued as the council attempted to vote on an ordinance requiring developer Steve Hyman to prove Conrail granted the city an opportunity to buy the property– a ploy that is likely only intended to stall redevelopment of the embankment in the hopes of deterring Hyman from building condos. Lipski, who […]

Embankment Meetings

For those of you concerned about the fate of the 6th Street embankment, Jersey City Vibe has listed serveral key meeting dates. Whether you want to see a park, parking lot, or condos on the site of the embankment, it might do you well to attend.

Sixth Street Still In the News, Lawsuits Promised

By now, everyone should be aware that developer Steve Hyman wants to turn Sixth Street in housing. The City has promised it can stop the development if they want, and Hyman has promised lawsuits for the next three centuries. Jersey City Vibe has drawn comparisons to the 111 controversy. All this talk of the embankment […]

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