Toricos: Delays “out of our hands”

Toricos responds to a customer’s note left on their door.

Toricos Still Alive, but Not Open

Neighborhood ice cream parlor Toricos is still not open.

Torico Ice Cream Still Has Pulse

Torico Ice cream on Erie Street

We’d all but given up on Torico Ice Cream ever returning to the corner space on Erie and 1st Street. The renovation project of the beloved ice cream parlor began in October of 2010. Many hoped to see Torico reopen by the summer of 2011 and indeed handwritten signs promised just that begin in May. Updated signs in July promised an opening in August, and then another in September. When the first year anniversary of the renovation project passed, we had all but given up hope.

The Embattled Embankment

Sixth Street Embankment file photo The Sixth Street Embankment, a target of preservationists and developers alike has had some problems in recent weeks. Yesterday chunks of the stone wall began falling from the section west of Erie Street. The fire department cordoned off the corner to protect pedestrians. Several weeks earlier the embankment, the section […]

Poll Lines Two Blocks Long

Polls have been open for two hours in Jersey City and lines at polling places are two blocks long and continuing to grow. Turn out will clearly be astronomically high.

Knitting Cafe to Replace Failed Deli on Jersey Avenue

The Stockinette, a knitting cafe, will open in a store front on Jersey Avenue at Third Street. The long vacant storefront had been home to the mythical Gabagoolz Italian Deli, a store that never seemed to be opened, but took years to officially close. The Stockinette also has a website.

Zoning Board Delays on Boniface Conversion

The renovation of Saint Boniface from an abandoned Catholic Church into 21 residential apartments was dealt a setback when the zoning board delayed action until September. Local residents who are under the impression they live in Jersey Suburb rather than Jersey City are concerned about the lack of parking. Fliers from local activists have littered […]

La Rustique Open for Business

La Rustique pizzeria has officially opened for business at its new location at Fifth Street and Jersey Avenue. The former Paulus Hook favorite moves to the Harsimus Cove neighborhood, occupying a retail space that once housed GO, a gourmet cheese shop known for selling goods past their sell by dates. The pizza’s thin crust, fresh […]

Unicorns Attract Attention

A JCLister posted a photo of the Fourth Street Unicorn. This in turn lead to semi-relevant blog Boing Boing picking up the story. This in turn lead us to those responsible for the unicorn, a seemingly hipsterific community of artists, The Agitators. The Agitators described themselves as “a collective of vibrant individuals setting out to […]

Traffic Accidents Pile Up On Erie Street

Sunday morning began as a typical day in the neighborhood– screeching rubber, scraping metal, and the clatter of a car jumping the curb. Serious traffic accidents have become all too typical along Erie Street with Sunday’s wreck only the latest on this quiet residential street in Harsimus Cove.┬áif you are looking for a speeding ticket […]

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