Bambino Chef Coming to Newark Avenue

Bimbino Chef in Jersey City

Children’s party bakery, Bambino Chef, is coming to Newark Avenue.

Sensory Kids Childcare Megaplex Replaces Store

The former Milano Furniture store is becoming a Sensory Kids, a childcare facility

The former Milano Furniture store on Newark Avenue and Erie Street is set to become the home of Sensory Kids, an all encompassing childcare facility.

Hudson Camera Becoming Sports Bar

Hudson Camera on Newark Avenue has closed

The former Hudson Camera shop that closed last month is rapidly being renovated to become a sports bar.

Two Boots Gets Garish Paint

Two Boots in Jersey City on Newark Avenue

The new Newark Avenue pizzeria, Two Boots, has received the standard Two Boots paint scheme, the whimsically childish rainbow of color.

Newark Avenue At Last Sees Signs of Renewal

Jersey City’s downtown shopping district has long fallen short of expectations. For years, Newark Avenue looked like a set piece from the yet to be filmed Escape From Jersey City.

Two Boots Coming to Renovated Storefront

Two Boots Pizza has posted signs in a Newark Avenue storefront currently undergoing renovations. The storefront is one of the first on the south side of the block to under go renovation. The store is the former Tortillas Grill at 133 Newark Avenue.

Gypsy Grill Opens

The Newark Avenue revitalization continues with the opening of Gypsy Grill. Located a 187 Newark Avenue, the new business is just steps away from the recently opened Barcade. Gypsy Grill offers affordable mediterranean food.

K9dergarten Coming to Newark Avenue

A formerly vacant storefront of Newark Avenue that had slowly been transformed over the last six months will be home to a K9dergarten, a pet daycare and boutique thus signaling that Newark Avenue has arrived. Expect a Stroller Emporium soon.

Boutique Replaces Electronics Store on Newark Avenue

A new boutique, A Piece of New York, has finally (officially?) opened on Newark Avenue. Long home to The Spot, an electronics / cellular / (probably pirated) DVD store, the shop was recently (mostly) vacated by the former tenants who moved half a block down the street. Over the last several months, the store front […]

Mystery Lounge Opens Quietly, Weekends Only

This unlabeled bar and lounge opened last weekend on the corner of Newark and 1st Street. According to a little sign on the window, Port-O Lounge is only opened Thursday through Sunday.

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